Big Hips

By Irma Timis ©2006

Black skirt for big hips

Many women have big hips that just don't go away with exercise and weight loss, but there are ways to dress that minimize the visual appearance of big hips.

Wear Pants!

Wearing pants that fit your figure is the easiest most important way to hide your big hips.

Choose pants that are flat with wide legs, coming up just below your waist. The best are pants with no pockets, so remove them or sow them shut.

Avoid pants that have a lot of details or ornaments at the back because these will highlight your big hips thus having the opposite effect of what you desire to achieve.

Another good thing about pants with wide legs is that you can wear them in light colors, too.


If you like skirts, it is a good idea to be careful what skirts you do wear. You have to consider their style, color and length.

Dark colors will help you minimize the appearance of big hips.

Pick a moderate A-line skirt of any length - they go particularly well with high heels.

The best style is a skirt that widens at the bottom. Avoid bias-cut skirts and ones made with a material which makes them cling to your big hips. Patch pockets and horizontal stripes are also a no-no.


Dresses that fit your figure can be extremely practical and will help you look slimmer.

Choose dresses that are tighter at the top but looser that bottom. Preferably, designs that are found at the toop of thedress, but not at the bottom, are best because they distract focus from your hips.

Avoid dresses with details at the waist, hips and rear.

For formal occasions, wear dresses with long skirts and ball-gown appearance as they will hide your big hips.

Coats and Jackets

Just like with A-line skirts, choose coats that get wider at the bottom. Large collars and lapels attract attention to the top of the dress and thus minimize the appearance of big hips.

Similarly, prints and designs at the top will have the same effect. Also, wear a nice shawl!

When buying your jacket, avoid styles that end just at the widest parts of your hips.

In a nutshell, when buying clothing, distract form your hips and emphasize your top. And no matter what, feel good about yourself!

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