Sexy And Stylish Dress

halter dress

Sexy and stylish dress whether it's casual or formal. Make sure to get the right fit for your body.

In order for you to determine if it's the right fit, check the armhole. It should be cut low enough to fit your arms and the side of the breast but if it's tight it will grab and show side of your bra.

The chest should fit comfortable to your breast without flattening and the back of the dress should be smooth no bumps, rolls or bulges. There should be no crease on the tummy. It should fit nicely along the sides to enhance your curves. In a loose or fuller dress it should touch and flare slightly below the hips and if it's fitted it hug the hips and enhance your curves. The thigh of the dress should be smooth and not tight. The length will vary on what looks good on you. It could be mid-calf, mid-thigh, ankle or floor level.


Wrap Around Dress
This style has a good balancing effect. It could be halter, high or low neckline, with or without sleeves. It's either a wrap style at the front and zip at the back or wrap around the body and tie around the waist.
This style defines your waist and cleavage. This is good for round figure women. It conceals the bust and tummy making your waist look smaller. This style is also good for curvy women, petite and for long and slender.

Spaghetti Straps
It is popular now a day. This is good for women who has full chest, broad shoulder women. It gives more support than a strapless dress. The cut of the neckline can vary. It could have a horizontal cut on the chest or a cut that go slightly to the center to show off a little cleavage. This style can be worn by most of the body types.

Sexy Dresses
Strapless style is sexy and sophisticated. It shows off your arms and shoulder and defines them creating balance. This is good if you have broad shoulder they cut with an angular line but this will not work with women with small shoulder. There's also halter dress that comes in different styles. It can be ruffled halter in which ruffles runs along the neckline, keyhole which wrap across the bust creating a small open area on cleavage, there's plunge halter and x-front that minimize the bust and torso. There is also cowl halter which hangs loosely from shoulder at the neckline.

Little Black Dress
This has horizontal neckline that runs along the collar bone or extend to boat neck. This style maximizes your bust and defines your shoulder. The bottom is slightly tapered like a column skirt. This dress is one of your basic wardrobes. You can use it to work, wear it for evening dinner or other occasion. Accessorize it with a shawl or scarf in the evening or a casual jacket or cardigan for day time. It is important to focus on the fit and balance. To avoid fading look for wool or durable cotton this fabric can stand several washing.

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