Flyaway Hair Care Tips

Facts about Flyaway Hair
Flyaway hairs are believed to be developed when there's low humidity or the air is dry, hair loses water to the surrounding air and dries out. Dry hair builds up negative electricity resulting in flyaway. The best way to solve this hair trouble getting over with dry hair. Add the moisture back to you hair.


  • 1. Use conditioner to moisturize your hair.
  • 2. There also cream available to apply after you shampoo. They will keep the hair from getting dry.
  • 3. If possible air dry your hair. Using blow dry or hot setting will make it worse. If you have to blow dry. Put it in low setting and allow the blower to move around.
  • 4. Avoid using gels. They can dry your hair.
  • 5. Look for products with humectant. They add moisture to your hair.
  • 6. When stylin your hair. Use alcohol free styling spray. Don't over use them. It dries out the hair.
  • 7. Look for brush with natural bristle. They can reduce fly away.
  • 8. Mist your hair with water or there's a conditioning spray available in the store.

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