Is He Getting Serious With You?

By Anna Lynn C. Sibal


So the two of you have been seeing each other for quite some time now. But so far, the two of you have only been meeting up on days or nights that the two of you have agreed to designate as 'date days' or 'date nights.' You may have even spent the night at his place, or he at your place, probably once or twice before since the two of you first hooked up. But somehow, you do not seem confident yet to call him your boyfriend.

Men are stereotyped to be commitment-phobics, but while there are plenty of exemptions out there, this condition is indeed true to some of the members of these human subspecies. If you are in this situation that you are with a guy but you cannot with full confidence call him your man, it is best not to push it and let him take his time to get used to you. Just be aware of the signs that will tell you that he is ready to call you his girlfriend and that he is ready to be referred to as your boyfriend.

How do you know that he is finally getting over his phobia for commitment and is finally getting serious with your relationship?

First, he agrees to meet with you outside your designated date days or date nights, maybe for a casual movie, a Sunday lunch, or a party with his friends. This means he is now including you in his life and is maybe looking forward to your presence in his life for the long haul.

Another sure sign that he is getting serious with you is that when he speaks of you, he tells the person he is talking to that the two of you are dating without any hesitation or trepidation. Take note the use of the word 'dating' instead of 'just hanging out,' 'chilling' or 'getting together.' It is an obvious hint that he no longer considers himself available.

Yet another sign that you may want to look out for is the fact that he tries to hide his problems and issues from you. It is not that he does not trust you; it is more like he is being considerate of your feelings and does not want to burden you or push you away with whatever it is he is dealing with. Only a jerk will unload all his issues on you on the first date. Eventually, your guy will learn to share those matters with you.

Lastly, you would know if a guy is getting serious with you if he manages to talk about his ex in casual terms, without any hint of drama or trauma. It means that he has moved on and is willing to give love another try with you.

Of course, if the two of you have been seeing each other for a really long time now and yet he does not seem to have any intention of taking your relationship seriously, feel free to dump him and find someone who will give you the respect and the commitment that you deserve.

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