Women's Panty

What is Your Panty Type?

By Anna Lynn C. Sibal


Panties, regardless of the cut and style and the fabric they are made of, are basic items to be found in a woman's lingerie drawer. There are different kinds of panties out there and women do have their preferences as to what type of panties to wear. Some women own different types to wear for different outfits and different occasions, while some opt for just one or two types and stick to them.

It is often said that you can tell what kind of person a woman is by the panties that she wears. Is she the sexy type or the fun-loving, outgoing type? Or is she the practical one and puts comfort above all considerations in picking her underwear?

Bikinis. The bikini panty is the most popular type of panty. Young girls are often raised on this type before they gravitate to boy shorts and thongs when they get older. The bikini panty has a fully-covered rear and is cut high at the thigh. The sides of the bikini can either be of full material or just string (thus leading to the string bikini version). There are mid-rise bikini types as well as low-rise ones to fit the low-pants trend. A woman who prefers bikinis is the kind of woman who likes pretty things but will not sacrifice comfort for them.

Thongs. Racy and sometimes titillating, and propelled to popular heights by Sisqo's 'Thong Song'. the thong is the skimpiest and sexiest type of panty around. Thongs are usually low rise and leave the bottoms bare. They usually come in G-string or T-back. G-strings are almost nothing but strings, giving that barely there look and feel to it. T-backs, on the other hand, form a T-shape on the buttocks. Women who like wearing thongs like to feel sexy and they usually are.

Boy shorts. Boy shorts are a new style of undergarments and are quickly edging close to bikinis. This type of panty is cut low at the thighs, covering the hips and the buttocks, although there are versions of this style that leave the lower portion of the rear bare enough to tease but still leaving a lot to the imagination. Boy shorts are becoming more and more popular because they allow the wearer to look sexy without putting too much emphasis on problem areas like the butt and thighs. Boy shorts are worn by active, athletic women who still want to look sexy without sacrificing comfort.

Briefs. Briefs are also known as granny panties. They are big and cover a considerable portion of the lower torso, starting from the upper thighs and up to the belly button, sometimes even the waist. Some people do not find hipsters pretty at all, but there is no doubt that they are very comfortable. Many women wear them for sleeping or when they are having their periods. A woman who prefers to wear briefs above all other types of underwear does not give a hoot about what is fashionable and stylish. Comfort is her only concern and nothing else.

What about you? What is your panty type?

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