Ripe Red Lips

By Anna Lynn C. Sibal

red lips

Wouldn't you like to have luscious, kissable red lips? A lot of women are afraid of painting their lips a bright, vivid red for various reasons, but mostly because they are not sure if they can wear red well.

But contrary to what a lot of women think, it is not that hard to put bright red lips on effectively and make it work for you. It is a matter of knowing how and what you should keep in mind when you do.

First, you should pick a shade of red that suits the color of your skin. Take note that the paler your skin tone is, the bigger the red lipstick will make your lips look. If your skin has a pinkish tone, you should opt for plum reds. On the other hand, if you have yellowish tones on your skin, a red lipstick that looks warm and with a brown base would flatter your skin more.

Red lipstick also makes the lips seem bigger, pouting and more prominent. This is good for women with thin lips; a good red lipstick will add volume to their lips. For women with fuller lips, however, may want to use red lipsticks that are more dark-hued, such as reds with browns or reds with blues or purples, rather than the bright hues. Using reds with browns or blues will minimize their lips. To apply your red lipstick that will give you the maximum effect, put first a light layer of foundation over your lips. When the foundation has dried, dust your lips with face powder. Afterwards, line your lips with a lipliner, but make sure that your lipliner matches the color of your lipstick. This is especially important if your lipstick tends to bleed from your lips.

When applying the lipstick, use a lip brush rather than smearing the stick on your lips. This will keep you from putting on too much. Always start at the middle of your lip and work your way to the corners. When you are done, blot it out with a tissue and then apply a second layer. This will make your lipstick last longer on your lips.

Speaking of making your lipstick last longer, you can dust your lips with a thin layer of face powder when you are done applying your lipstick. This will help you gain a few more hours on the lipstick. Other things to keep in mind are to avoid chewing on the lips and to keep the lips moisturized.

You should also remember that if you are going to paint your lips a vivid red, you should compensate and keep your makeup balanced by toning down on the eye shadow. Vivid red lips go with light eye shadow; better yet, lay off the eye shadow completely if you are going for red lips and just put mascara on your eyelashes. If you are going to pair bright red lips with heavy eye makeup, you will only end up looking like a clown.

Red lips are always gorgeous and kissable. Go ahead and try it.

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