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Has your love life lost some of its heat and spark? Try arousing some interest by playing sexy and romantic games that will get you in the mood. Sometimes it takes something as simple as being playful to let go of stress and hang ups and get you in the mood for romance and passion. As adults with responsibilities we often forget that we need to have play time. Like the Lover's Lane commercial says, 'Lovers that play together, stay together.'

There are many games available for you to purchase at adult stores like Lover's Lane or at many adult websites that sell sex toys or novelty items. If you don't want to purchase a game you can make up your own or you can add a sexual twist to any regular game. I'm sure you've heard of strip poker, well how about strip Yatzee, Rummy, Pin Ball, Badminton, Ping Pong or any game. Loser has to take off an item of clothing or you can always up the stakes and make the game a lot sexier by saying the loser has to perform some type of task like give a fifteen minute massage or you can get as racy and sexy as you feel comfortable with.

If you want to make your own games one easy game you can make is to take some index cards and write sexy commands or instructions on them. Put a number on the back side of each card to correspond with numbers on dice. The number of the dice rolled will match a card number and the roller has to perform the action the card says. You can even make two piles of cards, his and hers. Use your imagination to come up with creative games or sexy twists you can put on the games you have in your closet.

Instead of having 'date night' you can have the adult version of 'game night'. Try something new and see where it leads.

Some Games Available at Adult Stores and Websites:

SexXxWeb is a board game that has assignments like revealing sexual fantasies, removing items of clothing and performing sexual acts on each other.

Naughty-N-Nice is a board game that has instructional cards that tell you to do things like “whisper something dirty to your lover” and “remove your lover's clothing with your teeth”.

SexDrive is a board game that challenges sexual know-how, show-how and tell-how. Players answer questions or perform tasks and can collect certificates of knowledge. Land in the Body Shop and you'll have to use hands on skills to demonstrate your sexual expertise.

Sexy Dice come in many forms with suggestions on one die like 'lick', 'squeeze', 'massage', 'kiss', etc and the other die has body parts listed like 'finger', 'toe', 'neck', 'lips', 'chest', '...', or 'player's choice'. Some types have pictures on the dice to illustrate actions and some have more steamy suggestions for you to perform.

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