Signs that Men are In Love

Romantic Ideas To Drive Him Crazy

By Kathryn M. D'Imperio

You suspect that he loves you, but are not sure? Here are clues to prove that he indeed loves you...

You catch him staring at your eyes. The eyes of men most often reflect what's welling in their heart. When despite all the women around, it is you he's staring at, this means that his affection for you runs deep.

He stands right next to you in public. Men who are uncertain about their feelings will either position themeselves several feet behind you or be out in front and lead the way - two safety positions that keep his wandering eyes hidden. But if he's in love, he'll stand right next to you.

He enjoys surprising and pleasing you. It might be with flowers, a card or just a silly present. He takes initiative in planning activities he knows you enjoy: a night at the theater, a picnic, a movie or even dancing (for some guys, that's a big sacrifice).

He doesn't play games or make excuses. He doesn't wait a week to call, and when he says he'll call, he does indeed. Instead of keeping you guessing, he wants you to know how he feels - and he says he cares.

He remembers your birthday, and he does things with you during prime sports time.

He doesn't mind if you pick up his phone. If he lets you answer the phone, it means there's absolutely nothing he wants to hide from you.

He offers to help. He'll fix your sprinkler heads, check the oil in your car, repair a leaking toilet or take out the garbage.

He asks about your family and he wants you to meet his family and friends, and then he includes you in activities and holidays with them. This is a big thing! A man will not introduce his new girlfriend to the most important people in his life unless she, too, is very important to him.

So just pay attention to those unspoken clues and you will read his love between the lines!

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