Winter Date Ideas

Winter Date Ideas for the Romantic at Heart

By Kathryn M. D'Imperio

Don't let winter's cold bite ruin all your fun this year! Call up your sweetheart, grab a hat, scarf and some gloves and head outside for some excitement of your own despite the chilly weather. With an open mind and a keen heart for adventure, even the snowiest or most bitter winter day can become an amorous escapade.

Revisit your childhood together by building a snowman as tall as you can both manage. Be sure to take a few pictures as you add his sections and also once you've put him all together. Or, if you prefer to be competitive with your significant other, engage in a challenge to see who can create the biggest, scariest, best looking or funniest looking snowman.

Bundle up in layers and get ready for some sledding. Find a good hill nearby and have a great time coasting downhill, seeing whose sled goes the fastest and whose makes it the farthest. Some bigger sleds may even accommodate two people at once, so you can hold on tight as you whip down the hillside.

If the winds are blowing far too hard to frolic in the snow, find an indoor venue to take advantage of your energy. For as long as anyone can remember, ice-skating has been a great rendezvous activity for everyone, from the first date of a budding new romance to a married couple's night out together. Holding hands as you glide across the ice welcomes that sense of togetherness as the two of you make every effort to stay on your feet.

Feeling lazy and complacent? Avoid disrupting your current mood by catching a movie with your sweetheart, followed by a pastry and cup of coffee or hot chocolate at the local coffee shop. Sharing a good conversation over a warm beverage creates a nice close to a frosty winter day.

When the stars are shining brightly on even the most frigid evening, take an outer space adventure with your loved one by sharing a large mug of hot chocolate while stargazing through a telescope. If outdoors is the only option, bundle up tight, pack a thermos containing a hot beverage and spark a contest to see how many constellations you can each identify! Then get inside the house and warm up with some blankets and dessert.

When nature's elements make it virtually unbearable to even set foot outside the door, pretend you've been snowed in and make a gourmet dinner to satisfy both your appetites. Following dinner, share a scrumptious dessert and relax by the fireplace or snuggle up under a blanket and watch a movie together. For an even more romantic evening, play some slow music and entice your partner to join you for a dance or two.

If you both enjoy sporting events, attend a hockey game and cheer on your team together. Draw up a little competition if you can find a game where you both support the opposing side - high school, college and minor league games make for cheap dates, often with food and beverages available.

No matter which date option you and your sweetheart select, you'll be sure to have fun because you are together. Remember to snuggle up and stay warm as the night draws to a close!

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